We Will Seek Him With You
By Evelyn Donelson


Song of Songs 6:1 (NKJV) “(The Daughters of Jerusalem) Where Has your Beloved gone, O fairest among women?  Where has your Beloved turned aside, that we may seek Him with you.”


This is what I consider to be one of the most powerful examples of evangelism in the bible.  Those around the Bride in the Song of Songs story have been watching her.  They have seen how she responded when treated wrongfully and taken advantage of.  They have seen how she did not become bitter or jaded in her pursuit of her Lover.  They asked the question “Why?”, wondering if He is worth it.  She responded with an irresistible description of her glorious Bridegroom-King, Jesus, in Song 5:10-16.  Now they want to run after Him as well. 

We see this principle in the New Testament as well:

1 Corinthians 11:1 (KJV) “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.”

1 Corinthians 4:16 (NKJV) “Therefore I urge you, imitate me.”

Keeping our eyes on the prize, Jesus, and not on the difficulties before us, or the people who disappoint us, helps keep our hearts in the right place.  Holy Spirit is in us to keep the fiery passion for the Son of God alive and well.  We become a “city on a hill,” a light that shines in the darkness, and a beacon of hope for those lost in brokenness, when we let our passion for Jesus override the temptation to become angry and bitter.  Question: Are you salt, making others thirsty for what you have?

Matthew Henry, in his notes on Song 6:1 shares some beautiful insights:
“The spouse had described Him, and shown them His excellencies and perfections; and therefore, though they have not seen Him, yet, believing, they love Him (1 Pet. 1:8).  Those that undervalue Christ do so because they do not know Him; when God, by His word and Spirit, discovers Him to the soul, with that ray of light the fire of love to Him will be kindled.”

When I prayed the prayer, “I want to know You for who You really are, not for who I grew up thinking You to be,” I was really asking for my heart to be ignited with the unquenchable fire of love.  When the human heart truly sees the Bridegroom-King, Jesus, in His beauty, love, and glory, one can’t help but fall in love with Him.  We are on the planet to reveal Him; His beauty, love, and glory.


Jesus, let me see You as You truly are.  Capture my heart with Your beauty and let my life be a light for others to follow.