The purpose of AKONEDAY is to spark a movement – unify the Church in Alaska, awaken hearts in prayer, equip Christians to share about Jesus and facilitate statewide outreach to see every person in Alaska given the opportunity to know Jesus.

To date, key organizations like Youth With A Mission, Lou Engle/The Call & AZUSA Now, Every Home For Christ, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Focus On The Family have partnered with AKONEDAY, as have numerous churches, organizations and denominations within Alaska.

Every lover of Jesus in Alaska is called into responding to Jesus’ command to go into all the world and preach the gospel. Everyone has someone they know who needs to know Jesus. Reaching that one is the key to reaching the masses.

Jesus is our model. He left a revival and crossed a stormy sea to reach one man who had been ravaged by the devil. That man, in turn, reached an entire region. On another occasion Jesus went out of His way to reach out to a woman who had a broken life and sorted past. He spent time ministering to her and she, in turn, caused a whole city to believe.

AKONEDAY is every believer, reaching the one, every day, until all believers stand as one, on one day.

Is AKONEDAY only about a one day event?

It is more than a one day event. This project will span over two years, ending late 2017, to reach every person in Alaska.

Through partnerships with local Churches and ministries, outreach teams from within Alaska and outside the state, every city, town and village will be targeted with the good news of Jesus.

Time for Celebration – 11.11.2017

On 11.11.2017 we will have a time of celebration, there will be many simultaneous gatherings all around Alaska which will be linked via web stream. It will a be a massive celebration and thousands will join together as one to celebrate what the Lord has done through this movement, give testimonies of salvation and changed lives, and make declarations of statewide transformation.

Set the date aside now!