AKONEDAY Celebration 11/11/2017


AKONEDAY is a two year project that begins today and culminates on 11/11/2017. On that day, there will be many simultaneous gatherings all around the state that are linked via web stream. It will a be a massive celebration and thousands will join together as one to celebrate what the Lord has done, give testimonies of salvation and changed lives, and make declarations of statewide transformation.

The gospel will be preached simultaneously in every village, town, and city across Alaska and on that day many more people will make the decision to become followers of Jesus Christ by accepting Him as Lord of their lives.

Save The Date 11/11/2017

This movement will ignite, activate, and awaken the church through prayer, equipping, and (events) mobilization for the harvest, leading up to a massive outreach effort where gospel will be preached simultaneously throughout every city, town, and village in Alaska.