A Unified Effort to Introduce Every Person in Alaska to Jesus Christ.

AKONEDAY is a movement to take the love and gospel of Jesus Christ to every city, town, village and person in Alaska.

AKONEDAY is a movement to ignite passion for a unified effort to introduce every person in Alaska to Jesus Christ. We want everyone to have an opportunity to meet Him and know Him.

We believe this is the time to all work together as one Church, for this single cause of sharing about Jesus to each person in Alaska, and not focusing on who gets the credit.

AKONEDAY is a two year project, ending late 2017, to take the gospel to every village, town and city in Alaska. It’s a collaborative effort between churches, organizations, individuals, as well as national and international ministries.


Empowered By Partnerships

Ways to Join

  • Pray

    We are calling every believer in Alaska to join in focused, fervent, consistent prayer. We are asking every individual, prayer group, church, and organization to incorporate 4 specific prayers into your daily prayer schedule.

  • Become Equipped

    We Are asking Every Believer to Become Equipped and be able to:

    1 – Develop a 3 minute testimony
    2 – Memorize the simple gospel & bible verses
    3 – Be able to introduce someone to Jesus

  • Mobilize

    Begin sharing the love and gospel of Jesus with the people in your life. We like to say, “just love the one in front of you.” Join an outreach to Every Home in Alaska. Join a team to travel to another location in Alaska.
  • Support The Cause

    We are a volunteer movement supported by people who share the vision to reach all of Alaska with the love and gospel of Jesus Christ. Help fuel the movement with your financial gift.